Sound and Solar Film

The world's first to combine sound and solar, the S-LEC™ Sound and Solar Film
In the world today, comfort is emphasized along with safety. We now introduce a product that has simultaneous sound and solar heat shielding ability, in addition to the intrinsic ability of safety, security and shielding. The product is made of a multi layer structure by our unique multi-layer film technique and expected to bring comfortable indoor life.

Advantages of the S-LEC™ Sound and Solar Film:

  • Safety: the film ensures that if the glass is broken, glass splinters remain bonded to the film, so that these do not fly in all directions, thus preventing possible injury. 
  • Protection against vandalism: the glass will not break easily when struck with a heavy object. 
  • Not only does S-LEC™ filter out around 99% of UV rays but it is also 40% better at screening out solar heat (IR) energy, while at the same time enabling enough visible light to be transmitted through the film.
  • 40% more sound reduction than standard PVB. 
  • Clothing, artwork, artefacts and other items displayed in windows are better protected against sun damage - Does not block the radio waves emitted from radios and mobile phones. 
  • Less skin irritation by blocking ultraviolet radiation (UV). 
  • Less burden placed on air conditioning systems - saving energy. 
  • Lower working and living temperatures.

The S-LEC™ Sound and Solar Film is a multifunctional interlayer film that shields the building inside from heat waves and noise, enhancing comfort levels and environment friendliness.

Technical information
For technical details, download the PDF file at the product information section.